pookie's snow day
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Pookie Snow Day iPad App

iOS 5.1, Pad 2 & iPad 3

Help Pookie get home before winter...

Pookie's Snow Day is the delightful new interactive bedtime story app now available for iPad. After reading the story and playing all the games, head over to Drawing with Pookie to create your own art and share it with friends.
Pookie's story
When Pookie the little hedgehog notices that leaves are falling from the trees, he knows it is time to head home. But soon after he begins his journey he is caught in a flurry of flakes...
"Pookie Snow Day" is about the need to prepare for hibernation in the fall, told in a series of playful and playable interactive scenes composed entirely of paper cutouts.

For age 2 and up
Fun Learning
Help kids develop hand-eye-coordination, sort shapes, understand cause and effect and get creative with fun interactions:
★ Make objects move by tilting the screen
★ Pull leaves from trees 
★ Forage for food
★ Dress Pookie for winter 
★ Create snowflakes
★ Learn about hibernation 
★ Help Pookie across a river 
★ Solve fun puzzles 
Draw & share
The "Draw with Pookie" feature is a part of the "Pookie's Snow Day" app: Combine imagines from the story with your own photos and artwork, and share them on your Facebook wall directly from the app.